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SMCC SoundBridge Festival 2015

SoundBridge II

31st October 2015, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia


"In Mood and Motion"

For voice, flute, zhong ruan, bonang, Chinese drums and accordion

In Mood and Motion - Syafiqah 'Adha Sallehin
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Syafiqah 'Adha, accordion; Hand Percussion, bonang and Chinese drums; Ong May Yi, Zhong Ruan; Mak Chi Hoe, voice and Daisuke Kino-Shita, flute

Masters' Recital: Syafiqah 'Adha Sallehin

Rintihan Nadim

22nd October 2015, YSTCM Concert Hall


"Rintihan Nadim"​

For narrator and Pierrot ensemble. 25'


Alvin Chan Keng Huat, flute; Ralph Emmanuel Lim, clarinet; Anthony Hartono, piano; Chinnabut Kaewkomin, percussion 1; Chaiyaphat Prempree, percussion 2; Placida Ho, violin; Gan Ying Ying, cello; Francis Tan Huan Chun, conductor. 

Actor-narrator: Megat Muhammad Firdaus Mohd

Libretto by Linilidia Abdul Hamid

SoundBridge and Rintihan Nadim

Singapore Sounds Gala Concert

20th September 2015, YSTCM Concert Hall, Singapore

Arranger and Performer (Accordionist)

The Singapore Sounds Orchestra, under the baton of Adrian Chiang.

Singapore Sounds
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